New Music! The Tiny Lights Birthday Band Single Number 2

So, we’re rapidly approaching our second birthday! (It’s on the 14th of June if you’re planning on getting us a card). Where does the time go? We’ll be shaving soon.

As is rapidly becoming our custom, a number of Tiny Lights artists and friends have crammed into a practice room to record a cover under the guise of ‘The Tiny Lights Birthday Band’. Following on from last year’s cover of Springsteen’s Thunder Road, this year we decided to ‘honour’ one of my favourite bands, Weezer, by covering Undone – The Sweater Song.

Members of Something (Formerly Fantasy Rainbow), The Lake Poets, Tissue Culture, Lionhall, Acrobatic Society and Natasha Haws contributed to the recording, which was produced by Josh Bell from Tissue Culture. The cover is available as a free download from our Bandcamp (although you can pay if you like), or as a cassette, which includes hand-drawn artwork designed by a member of the Tiny Lights Birthday Band. We hope you enjoy it. Oh, and stay tuned for a video commemorating the fun we had recording the song…

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