Tusk: Interrobang EP Preview and Release Date

Not content with all these announcements of late, we’ve only got another bloody one. I know, what a lark we have, eh?

We recently announced the addition of Tusk  to the Tiny Lights family, and we can now give you some more info on the EP.

Firstly, Interrobang will come slinking into the world on April the 22nd. The time will fly by…

We’ll soon be announcing a launch gig in Newcastle which will be basically the only place you can buy one (or more if you like) of the super limited number of physical copies. Don’t worry though, it’ll be all over the usual digital distribution spots, Bandcamp, iTunes, eMusic, Spotify, yee knah the drill by now.

We know we live in the age of instant gratification though, when everybody wants their kicks now now now, so we wouldn’t be such massive teases as to not give you a sneaky preview. With that in mind, here’s ‘Don’t Wake Quickfinch’ for your streaming pleasure:

PS, an Interrobang is this.

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