Best movers in Dallas speak Arabic

Written on August 20, 2014 at 3:39 am, by admin

While moving from the east side to downtown Dallas, I hired what I found out to be the best movers in Dallas . These young men were helpful, and worked very efficiently. In addition, they were very honest and handled my belongings with care. Learn Arabic Online Today with Chawg.

Sometimes, I wish they would open a branch in California so that I could hire them to move my belongings from the storage to my new home. Currently they only service within the Dallas area but they are soon to expand. Last but not least, they speak arabic! This is an added bonus because my mom speaks no english or spanish, only arabic. I encourage you the call them because they are the cheapest and Top Dallas movers .

Begin to Learn the Arabic Language

Written on August 13, 2014 at 4:29 am, by admin

Hello or Marhaba, as they say in Arabic.Let’s talk about the practical matter, how do i start learning Arabic? First, you should decided that you are dedicated. Any learning needs commitment and practicing, and language studying is no exception


As you can do with any language, you can go online. Arabic is easy to learn so you don’t need to buy expensive learning packages. Watch videos, go on forums, maybe even find someone that is willing to teach you Via Skype or something of that sort. There are many sites that give free lessons in basic arabic. Once you’ve started to feel confident you can take on more challenging task and quizzes, which you can also find online.If online isn’t your thing, you can of course go to a teacher and have face to face classes, if you choose to do so, make sure you spend your money about learning to write too. It is the best return for your money in the case of a private teacher. You can even buy a dictionary and start from there.If you are still not convinced, i wrote down 4 reasons to why you should learn to learn Arabic:

1. Close to 300 million people in the world speak Arabic. I’m interested in what all of those people saying that i can’t understand. i’ve got to be missing something good.

2. Arabic is one of the most easiest languages to learn. it’s is very simple and easy to understand so you can feel your progress as soon as you start.

3. Writing in Arabic is probably the closest most people will get to calligraphy. It’s has beautiful, painting like letters that connect together to an even prettier painting.

4. Knowing Arabic opens doors for you. It’s one more language to put on your resume, a great conversation starter with 300 million people, and might get you a job in the middle east someday.

One of the best places to learn arabic online is at .This site will guide you how to learn arabic fast .